Friday, 8 January 2010

Wishing you newer and more meanings in life this new year!

Thank you once again for all the wishes my dear friends, thank you as always for writing in to check. Praying that this new is truly special and I wish and pray for new meaning and more meaning in all that you undertake.

After 2 years of being confined to our home (excluding the fact that I enjoyed most parts being a home maker and traveling places) the new year has begun very differently mostly with lots of hope and joy at being back at doing what I love the most. Working with people and meeting little ones. I have started working and that is one reason for my absence, I do miss catching up on my blog friends write ups but I do try once a while.

So beginning this new year has been beautiful in its own way. I have started work with an organization in Bangalore at the Sneha Campus on Sarjapur Road, right on the outskirts. Though I stay on the other end of Bangalore, travelling itself and meeting people on the way, talking to them about the work undertaken by the team has also had its high points. Achayan (hubby) as usual has been supportive, addressing apprehensions by in laws has also been a small part and ammachi (mom) is happy that I'am back in Bangalore, close on call.

So heres a few ongoing activities on the Sneha campus, which have touched me deeply. Sneehadaan is a community care center, a 50 bedded hospital for HIV positive patients for treatment of all oppurtunistic infections, palliative care cases, and person on Anti Retroviral Therapy, with the main aim to provide and ensure dignity in life and dignity in death. Many come in really sick, many go back walking out and better, some move a little closer to a new life, some wait to go back home to move into the next world, either way the team at the Snehadaan campus is an amazing lot, caring, compassionate, loving and sensitive. Ensuring care to a neglected and stigmatized lot. May the one above give each one of you the strength to forge ahead.

The campus also hosts the, Sneha Care Home for HIV positive orphan and vulnerable children, those who have lost either one or both parent to the disease, almost 50 of them. It is an innovative concept working on providing the children with a holistic education, based on a value education model. The newest addition is the 3 year old Chakkarakuttan*, aawwwwa.... you must see him, he is the cutest 3 year old I have seen, shy and smart in the same breath, cute and huggable....all I can say is that my heart goes out to all the little ones there.

So this new year or in the years to come, I hope I would be able to bring one of these little ones home to care for even if it is for a short period, during their school summer breaks even if only as a foster parent, to give and gain more meaning to my life. An angelic presence among us.

So heres hoping and wishing you more meaning and new meaning to life this new year! God bless and Happy happy new year to you!