Friday, 10 July 2009

Bell Bajao! Ring The Bell!

The Bell Bajao Campaign is an initiative by ‘Breakthrough TV’, the corporate social responsibility wing of the famous O&M advertising firm.
I was sincerely impressed at their initiative to take up the issue of ‘Domestic Violence’. The efforts at bringing it to the masses, at a level that the common man can get involved and show their concern, is admirable.

This campaign has been one of the most innovative campaigns I have seen in the recent past. Their take, on how to deal with the issue of domestic violence, is what caught my attention. It simply says, ‘even you can do something’. You don’t have to be a women’s rights activist, to raise your voice. You can show ‘you know and that you care’, by just ringing the bell.
The word says it all ‘Bell Bajao’ or ‘Ring the Bell’. And speak up against Domestic Violence.

So much of efforts to bring this issue to the forefront, so many organizations working on the issues and yet it does not seem to be enough.

How many of us have seen violence against women at our homes, in our neighbourhood, among friends and people we know? And what have we done about it? Haven’t we heard people say, ‘it is their family issue, how can we get involved, and what can we do about it’? These are questions for those who don’t care.

So for all the people who refuse to accept that this concerns us or that violence against women exists, hope this is an eye opener:

45% women are slapped, kicked, beaten.

75% battered women try to commit suicide.

77% men felt their masculinity threatened if their wives did not listen to them.

55% women perceive violence as normal part of their marriages.

So speak up for the woman who has been violated. Show that you care, these women need you. She has no voice; she cannot ask for help, she may feel that she is betraying her man for he is her lifeline. But YOU can be her voice and her a ray of hope.

A word of caution to you: don’t loose hope, things don’t change in a day, but you can be the start. Be the light, be her voice and ‘Bell Bajao'!

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  1. Not to mention the emotinal abuse that a lot more women are going through.
    I know of a realtive of ours who has not come home for the past twenty years because her husband does not allow her to. When her mother passed away, she was brought to the church at the time of the funeral and taken back immediately after that.
    The only solution to these kind of problems is to bring up our kids especially daughters to be strong enough to take control of their lives.

  2. This is such a pertinent post! So many women being subjected to domestic abuse - both physical and mental and so little being done about it. It is good that campaigns like this are bringing this issue out in the open. Hopefully, it will give a few more women to stand up against abuse and a few more of us, the courage to stand by such brave women!

  3. Extremely well written! An highly inspirational campaign this one...

  4. we can be part of such beauty and simultaneously, such beats my the end of the day, we are all humans aren't we?

  5. @Wanderlust: Very true, so many more individuals going through emotional abuse and we know nothing of it. And yes one of the ways is to bring up our girls strong, so that will be able to handle the situation if it does arise.And more than anything, to let them know that the parents (sibilings/friends) will always be there for them. I have seen women breaking down cause they think, they have nobody to turn to.

    @ Wordsndreamz: Yes I hope so too...

    @Dhanya: Heard that adv have been aired on TV in India. Really hope it gives more people the courage to stand up like @Wordsndreamz said.

    @Sayrem: And the 'why' remains unanswered.

  6. Very inspirational post. I can not help but think what happens after you ring the bell.
    The beatings and the humiliation do not stop.What is needed is a support system for these battered women. They need to know there is an option for them. They need a safe place to go to and stay if they want to leave their home and the government need to be more active in this endeavour. May be build some shelters like they have in US.

  7. Good post. Your post also rings the bell.

  8. impressive- both the campaign and your take.

    wonder if u know that kerala records a surprisingly high incidence of domestic violence against women. so literacy and awareness alone aren't enough.the woman's mind has to be decondtioned - she has to unlearn what has been handed down to her from generations and internalised, about the virtues of being an all enduring wife.

  9. Hi.

    My first time here.

    Must say am impressed both by the cool layout of the blog - a certain sensuality to it - as also the hard hitting content.

    I think, ringing the bell, is a very powerful idea, in response to what my friend Aparna has said above.

    It tells the person that he is being watched and judged, and that he doesn't have the silent consent of those around him; that he is not considered a hero but a villain, and a vile, cowardly one at that, for doing what he does.

    Peer pressure can be so powerful!

    I plan to read your archives at the earliest. will be back.


  10. Great post! O&M did their thing with bringing out this innovative and praiseworthy campaign and your take at promoting it is commendable!

    here's to a violence free domestic ambiance!
    Dog with the blog

  11. Where are you? No posts for the past two months?

  12. Loved this post!!!
    Bell Bajao campaign also conveyed that domestic violence is wrong... something many victims do not realise, they are made to feel that somehow they deserved the violence. I made my two maids see it, the look on their faces was, "we always felt it was wrong." I know it changed nothing for them, but atleast they will wonder if they or their neighbours really deserve it.

    I wish we had more such powerful campaigns.

  13. @Charakan: Thanks for the buzz too.

    @KT: Unconditiong our minds is the only solution, of the victim, the abuser and all those letting something like this happen right in front of them.

    @Bluebird: You have managed to lift my spirits. Thanks for the compliments and welcome to my blog. If only we showed that we care, so much could be avoided.

  14. @ Calvy: Thank you and yes here's to a violence free world and to peace. Will visit your blog soon.

    @ IHM: Your post and your efforts are really commendable too, change or to atleast sow the seeds of change is atleast the begining. Hope that more people realise the impact such campaings have had and hope it gives rise to adressing more such issues.

  15. @ Wanderlust: oops and am back ;)